Weekly Report

We began school this week, slowly easing into our routine. It was hard getting the kids going, but I am excited about this year, and I think we will be on a routine soon.

I have changed our math program again, but after doing LoF with Autry for a few days last week, I realized it was not going to work. I had Saxon 7/6, and I dragged it out, and the kids worked through the first three lessons. They don’t like math, I don’t think they ever will, but they did do it without much complaint.  I was actually thinking they might actually enjoy math this year, but then I saw this video at my daughter’s blog, and I realized I was wrong! At least it is inspiring their creativity…

The twins did three lessons in their K12 Language Arts. This is working great for them, and they seem to enjoy all the reading. Hopefully they won’t be making a video about their hatred of this anytime soon!

We also began our Rosetta Stone Spanish. I was surprised at how quickly the kids catch on to this.

Decca hasn’t done much this week. He doesn’t like the idea of summer ending at all, and he is boycotting school. The only thing he willingly did was the little history we got in for the week. We began our ancient studies, and the kids all made their own cave paintings. Hopefully Decca will get into the swing of things next week.

Actually Decca did spend a good deal of time on one more thing, as did the twins, and I wanted to write about it.

mini LUK

I ordered the mini LUK on a whim, not really understanding what it was. When I got it I finally figured it out, and the kids and I have been playing with it for days. It is a great little system that quizzes you on logic, math, geometry, and visual perception. You use the controller to record your answers, and if you are right the tiles will make a picture. It is so simple, but a good deal of fun. I ordered the books for grades 2 to adult, but they also have books for younger kids that I imagine are fun and educational. If you are looking for a little something to get your kids thinking, I recommend you look into this.