Weekly Update

Waiting outside LACMA for the Tim Burton exhibit.

Hmm…how did our week go. Well we went to LACMA to see the Tim Burton show on Tuesday. This was a wonderful show, and I wish I could have taken pictures. Photography was not allowed, so you will just have to trust me on this, it was a great exhibit. The boys enjoyed it, and I think it inspired them to draw even more than they already are (if that is possible).

While we were at LACMA we also visited theĀ Pavilion for Japanese Art. The building is very funky and dated (I felt like I had just step back into the seventies), yet peaceful and full of great art. The boys loved the netsuke room and the paintings.

Inside the Pavilion for Japanese Art

We also walked around the grounds of LACMA. The Brea Tar Pits are there, so Decca explored a bit. He wants to come back to visit the Page Museum and to learn more about the tar pits. I think I will bring them back in a couple of weeks.

Looking at a tar pit

The boys had to turn in a writing sample for our charter school. I detest this assignment, and every year I threaten to quit the school because it frustrates me to no end. I don’t mind that they have to produce a writing sample, but the assignment just seems like busy work, and it disrupts our week. Anyway Tru had to write an essay comparing and contrasting microscopes and telescopes, and Decca had to write one comparing and contrasting board games and video games. It was a very boring assignment, and I am just glad it is over.

Tru enjoyed another great class at speech and debate this week. I am still amazed at how much he loves this class. I never would have guessed this would be his favorite activity this year. They played a fun game in class were you weren’t allowed to use certain words when you talk, and Tru taught Decca and Autry the game. This led Decca to create a shirt with the words on it.

Decca with his shirt

The kids didn’t really do much else this week besides Time4Learning everyday. I am still sick, and I haven’t had the energy to do too much. This has made for some happy kids and for a messy house.

Enjoying their week

And that is our week in review.