Weekly Update from Autry

Hello readers of TAD Town. This is Autry; and I have decided to write this week’s weekly update.

The reason for this is because mom is sick with this thing called mono. It’s not very bad with kids but it’s bad with adults. This is quite ironic because a few months ago, mom bought me this stuffed animal: a Giant Microbe of the disease mono. Mom unfortunately told gramps that she had it and that it made her arm tingle. If you even tell gramps you have a cold, he is going to miraculously come down with it even if he hasn’t seen you.

Mono. She’s sorry she infected you, mom.

Well I’m not quite sure what the boys have been up to as I have been away, so I will tell you what I’ve been doing. I don’t see the point of my school after the end of Conservatory. All it is after that is just finals and nonsense like that. Ah, well. I have been doing my best with that. I lent my History teacher a copy of the Story of the World and she really liked it: she wrote it down for her curriculum next year! I say, excellent: Susan Wise Bauer’s stuff makes every class better! She is so awesome.

Apart from this, I have been completely OBSESSED with the Legend of Korra. It’s my new favorite TV show ever because I loved Avatar the Last Airbender, and Korra and the characters are so wonderful. The animation is stunning, and if you’re a total avatar fan like me, it’s just so amazing. One of the main reasons I am so obsessed with the show is because of this lady:

Lin Beifong. She’s Toph’s daughter (Toph was in the original series). She’s just so incredibly awesome. In every episode with her in it, I just sit there in awe of her awesomeness. I don’t know what words would get my point about her across. Watch the series and you’ll know what I mean!

We are leaving on Tuesday for Indiana! It’ll be so fun and I can’t wait to get away from finals! I hope mom gets better soon 🙂

And I end this post with an amazing fact: I am almost 13!