Summer Fun

I love summer because the kids have hours of free time, and in that free time they always come up with some great ideas. For instance Tru and Decca pulled out their Zoobs and got creative. Decca turned himself into The Statue of Liberty.

Tru decided to make some armor for Mr. Casey. Mr. Casey is a stuffed animal who has been in the family for over ten years.

This is the armor before placement.

And here is it on. Mr. Casey is now safe and protected from Kingsley.

Besides playing with Zoobs, Tru had been reading books. He loves to read, and he has discovered several new books this summer.

Decca has been obsessed with Scratch lately (even more than before), and he has been making several cartoons on it. He has one series called Max and Dirk about a boy and his owl.

He also has made a series called Lieutenant Buck which features a sidekick named Fezzy, who is a fez. It is quite cute!

Autry has been keeping herself busy with drawing. She can spend hours a day working on her art. Here are some of her drawings.

The last picture is a sketch of a young Lin Beifong from The Legend of Korra. The kids have been watching and re-watching this show all summer. I’ll admit I have watched it too. It is actually a wonderful show that I highly recommend for the whole family.

Another series we have been watching this summer is Lark Rise to Candleford. It is a BBC period series (so already I love it) that is appropriate for the whole family. It is available on Amazon Prime for streaming. If you like BBC period shows you may want to check it out.

The post office is the main setting for Lark Rise to Candleford.

So, what has been going on at your house this summer?