The kids and I went and saw Lincoln today. It was a very moving film that all of the kids enjoyed. The twins especially liked it and declared it the best movie they have ever seen. Decca was equally enthralled by it even at it’s long running time.

This summer the kids and I listened to Chasing Lincoln’s Killer while driving cross country, and I was amazed at how interested Decca was in the story. Unlike the twins, he has never been very engaged with history, but this story seemed to catch his interest. We studied Lincoln and the Civil War a little since then, and I knew he would want to see the movie. The length is a little long for a nine-year-old (especially if your child is not interested in the subject), but Decca stayed interested through it all, and I am glad I took him along. It is a must-see film, not only because of the subject, but also because of the wonderful film-making and powerful acting.

Fair warning though, although there is not much I objected to in the film, the previews were graphic and very inappropriate for children. I knew this would most likely happen, as I have very little faith in the rating system, so I was prepared. Even so I was appalled at what previews they allow before a PG-13 movie that will most likely be seen by children 13 and younger. If you have plans to take a younger teen or child I would enter the movie about twenty minutes late and avoid the previews all together.

Other than that it was an excellent movie and I highly recommend it.