Looking Back, Looking Forward


It’s that time of year when the school year is ending, and the kid’s birthdays are coming near. The time of year when I get all philosophical and introspective.


I start looking at photos and reminiscing about the old days. The days that seem so fleeting, years that went by all too quick.



Like all parents, I ask myself how did this happen? How is it possible that I now have a house full of teens? How is it possible that they all look so old?




At the same time though I am looking forward. Looking to the future and all that it will bring. Kids in college, kids moving out of the home, more time for myself, maybe even a second career? And it is exciting to think about these things that will come and about all the memories we have yet to make.


So I am allowing myself a few days of reflection which I often take at this time of year. A few days to be sad about time slipping by so fast and excited about time that has yet to come. I sit here and look forward while also looking back. It’s not a bad place to be.