A Month of Thanks – Day 12

Decca sat at the piano today for over an hour just playing away. Not practicing his assigned work but making up his own songs. Piano is a creative outlet for him, and I think it helps him with his selective mutism.  He plays like this nearly everyday, and I love to hear his songs.

At a recital last year

Well I mostly love to hear his songs. Sometimes they go on forever, and they don’t sound that great. And sometimes he plays the first thing in the morning, and sometimes late at night, and sometimes all day long.

I am thankful for this though, even if sometimes I need to remind myself to be thankful. He is creative and passionate about his piano playing, and I am happy to nurture that love. I am thankful he found something to be so passionate about at such a young age. Hopefully he will remain passionate about his music as he grows up.

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Weekly Update

It has been a lazy week.

This is going to be an easy update because there is so little to update. The week has been hot (nearly 100 degrees), Autry has been sick, and I have been tired. This means that we practically took the week off, at least from book work.

The kids did do Time4Learning everyday, and that does cover math, language arts, and touches upon science and social studies. They also listened to SOTW in the car. They learned about Ancient Africa and moved on to the Middle Kingdom of Egypt. Everyone also read daily the book of their choice.

They also attended all their classes, even though Autry was still a little under the weather. Autry went to choir, piano, science lab, and two drama classes. Tru went to piano (his first week), science lab, and Lego engineering. Decca went to choir and piano. We also attended a play (Peter Pan) through our charter school.

Outside the threesixty tent with Grandma.

I haven’t been able to keep up daily with a month of thanks posts, but I wanted to post today about something I am very grateful for.  The kids and I spent today at the homeschool campus, where the kids take many of their classes. This has been such a blessing in our lives. It is a little campus where the kids go to different classes all day, much like a school, but it is so much more. The parents and children can hang out all day. The kids like to play in the grass or on the playground. Decca likes to eat the fresh-baked goodies that they have, and he enjoys going into the study hall room and hanging out. Autry and Tru enjoy their classes a great deal, and we all love the feeling of community there. I am so glad to have discovered this resource this year, and I am very thankful to be a part of it.

Decca eating a lemon poppy-seed muffin at the homeschool campus.

The kids running and jumping at the campus today. I got some great shots of them that I wanted to share.

To see other posts from a month of thanks visit Daisy over at I’m Nobody! Who are you?.