Getting ready for a new school year

I spent the day getting our classroom area ready for a new school year. I am not very crafty or creative at all,  but I do have a mom that is, and that helps in making a nice area for the kids.





Off the school room area is our patio with a wonderful, calming view. I am trying to encourage the kids to utilize this space more this year, so I have set up our science/craft table out there. I also set up a table for the kids to read at.





I do not have all our plans finalized yet. High school has overwhelmed me so much this year that I have left all decisions to the last-minute, which is so unlike me. One thing I do have planned though is to highlight a different author each month. This month we are studying  Agatha Christie, and my mom and I put together this bulletin board for the kids.



As soon as I have our plans finalized I will share them on my blog. Until then…