Easing back into school

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Right now at TAD Town, Tru is working on honors Algebra 2 through CTY, Decca is going over his Latin vocabulary, and Autry is on her first lesson for the year in Teaching Textbooks. We are slowly easing into school, and I am so happy to be back on our school schedule. Summer break is always needed around here, but after a while our school routine is a welcome comfort to us all.

Not Back To School: Student Photo Week

Not Back to School Blog Hop

I am very happy to have Autry back at home this year. Last year she wanted to go to school, and she had an amazing experience, but she wanted to come home this year. It is great to have her learning with the boys again. Tru is especially enjoying working with his twin sister once again.

Last year we didn’t get a chance to take any formal back to school pics, but this year I wanted to get one pic of everyone together.

Kids - 2010

Goofing off

The boys (notice Tru's hat that he is always wearing)