As many of you know, my youngest son is crazy about Scratch. He spends a good deal of time on it making both games and cartoons. His work has always been well-received, but he never had a feature project which has been a dream of his for a while now. Well that dream became a reality this weekend when his latest game, Scratchtown 2became featured.

He was so excited to have a featured game, and we are all proud of him. He works hard on his Scratch games and he seems to get better with the programming every day. If you have a child who is interested in computers, video games, math, or logic then they might like Scratch. Check it out if you haven’t already as it might end up being a favorite activity. And if your child is on Scratch and has an account let us know in the comments. The boy is always looking for new friends on Scratch to follow and for new projects to view. Thanks!

Weekly Update

I haven’t done a weekly update in a while so I figured this week I would give it a try. The nice thing about being on break is that I have much more free time than usual and am able to take my time in writing an update.

Decca has been sick for a few weeks now and on Monday I finally took him in to the doctors. I am not one to go running into the doctors whenever my child is sick and I believe this time I may have erred on the side of being too laid back. He has had a cough for a few weeks now, but I thought it was just a cold and would go away with time. It did sound bad, but still I thought he just needed time. Monday morning though he was still coughing and it was bad. It was the seal bark, and he was having trouble getting a breath in between the coughing fits. When we got to the doctors they took him in immediately and checked his oxygen levels. They were good actually so no breathing treatment needed (unlike last year when he did need a breathing treatment). The doctor examined him, admonished me for waiting so long to bring him in, diagnosed him with croup, and gave us a prescription. He has been taking his medicine for a few days now and today is the first day that he is not coughing as much as before.

Besides coughing all week the boy has been working on several projects for Scratch, made a few cartoons, and wrote several short stories. He has also started about a hundred other projects that he has not stayed with long. I don’t know if it is his sickness or his medicine or his prescription but he has seemed a little manic this week. Switching from project to project, working on so many things at once, going a mile a minute…I have actually made an effort to get him out on walks this week quite a bit even though he is feeling a little ill. Being out in nature seems to calm him some more than anything else. An added benefit is that the cold air is actually good for a croup cough so we have been spending a great deal of time outdoors this week.

Autry has been taking it easy this week. She had a busy week last week with Evensong and a dance, and this week she needed some down time. She still had to go to choir, piano, and her physical training but other than that she has been relaxing. In her free time she made one of her famous snowflakes for her choir director. I loved the paper she made it with!


Tru had more to do this week than anybody, and he was sick which wasn’t much fun. He worked through French, went to guitar, and worked on his training. In addition he needed to get  to the midway point in his CTY math class and he had a major test to complete for it. He started off with a very high grade but the last two tests he didn’t  score as high as he had thought he would do. He was very upset about it, so he and I sat down together to see if we could get to the bottom of the problem. It wasn’t to hard to figure out what went wrong when I asked him to show me his work. Turns out he had been doing everything in his head and had no work to show me. I had no idea that was how he was working as he always does math independently.

Writing out problems and taking notes is Tru’s weak spot, as it is for many boys who are STEM kids. For a few days I sat with him during the lectures and showed him what he needed to take notes on, encouraged him to write out problems and work them through on paper (even when he knew the answer immediately), and taught him how to study. He took his test yesterday and he worked out every problem and then went back and checked them all. He only missed one question on the test, and he was so proud of himself. I was proud too and happy to see that his hard work did pay off.

Other happenings here this week –

Blurry frustration!

Blurry frustration!

We took pictures for our Christmas card. They turned out good, but wow, was it a production to take them. One kid was coughing the whole time, another was complaining loudly, another was frustrated. The dog was freaking out and I was yelling. It was not our best moment but afterwards, while we were looking at the pictures, we all had a good laugh about how absurd it was.


The twins and I have been watching Inspector Lewis on Amazon Prime. It is our latest obsession. Decca and I have been watching the latest Percy Jackson movie together, and we all watched Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas, my favorite Christmas movie when I was little.

photo 1 (16)

Decca is celebrating his anniversary over at Scratch. Although he has been on Scratch for years he made his main account for games just a year ago. Today it is DarkCrystalBall‘s one year anniversary (apparently this is a big deal in Scratch land), and he released a new game in honor of this. Happy Anniversary Decca!

Today the twins have a friend coming over. Saturday and Sunday we have two holiday parties, and then on Monday we leave for a train trip to Chicago. We have started packing, and I am trying to get organized for it. I am sure we will have pictures to share sometime next week from our trip out there.

Until then….

Cindy and Chris

The boy has started a new animation series called Cindy and Chris. It is about a fortune-teller and her crystal ball and together they have adventures. He did all the drawings, animations, and voices, and he used Scratch 2.0 for it.

I love what is available to kids these days, and I am amazed at what kids can make with all that is available to them. For creative kids, like my son, it leads to endless possibilities.

What my son does while listening to Story of the World

Tru listens to Story of the World everyday on his computer. He usually does something else, like drawing or messing with Scratch, while he is listening. Today I looked over and saw this.

He downloaded this ninja from a math lesson in Time4Learning, and then he added a SoTW image to it. He then animated it’s mouth, so it looked like it was reading to him.

Then a few minutes later he had changed it to this.

Multitasking, another great skilled learned in homeschool today.