My Juggling Act

I don’t often get too personal on this blog, but I am feeling very overwhelmed this day, and since I do have a blog, I thought I would exercise my right to delve into everything that is going on. I am a single mom, and sometimes I feel very alone in the homeschool world because of that. But I am a single mom, and I have to deal with this fact on a regular basis.

I think single mom is the wrong term though. I am not so much a single mom, but an only parent. I have no partner to help me or to share the burden. I have no partner that I can count on and no partner who works hard because they want the kids to be happy. I am all alone in this area, and it is depressing sometimes. I don’t have a partner, and the kids don’t really have a father.

I am also stretched out quite thin. I am homeschooling, working on my teachers credential and my masters, taking care of three very energetic kids, and trying to balance it all. Some days are good and some days are hard. Today is one of the hard days.

But I look at the kids, and they are playing a game together on the ground in the living room. They are laughing with each other, and they are having so much fun. They are in their own little world, and they don’t know I am overwhelmed and tired. The kids are happy, and I am thankful for that.