Latin Fun

The kids are doing Latin this year, and they are really enjoying it. We are using Song School Latin and Latin for Children. I have been very impressed with both of these programs, and the kids have been working through them steadily and without complaint. Classical Academic Press is a great company, and I think the kids like the creative element that they add to Latin. The twins  like watching the lessons on DVD, and especially get a kick out of the short video segment How the West was Unus. Decca, who responds to music, is learning a great deal with Song School Latin. Listening to the songs works for him, and he is retaining the vocabulary, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

Recently the kids have discovered the videos and games at Headadventure Land, a great website where you can practice your Latin.  Classical Academic Press has done a great job with this website, and I appreciate how the subject of Latin (which can seem very boring with some of the programs out there) cones to life in a very modern and creative way. The videos are well done and interesting, and the game provides much needed practice on the vocabulary. I love that you can pick which chapter to practice; this is a great feature. I hope that Classical Academic Press continues to add to this website with more games, stories, and videos in the future (my daughter is anxiously awaiting for the next chapter of A Tale of Two Princesses), and I hope other homeschool curriculum providers follow their lead and make learning more modern, creative, and interactive for this young generation.