Back to Nature

Because of the holidays it seems that it has been forever since we had a good walk out in nature. I have missed that special time with the kids exploring the outdoors, so this morning I decided to take everyone down to the beach.

The boys were not to keen on the idea at first, but Autry was very enthusiastic about it.

She and I convinced the boys (actually I just told them to get in the car) that it would be a fun adventure, so we all piled in the car and headed down to Crystal Cove. It was a cloudy morning, a little chilly, but we had a wonderful time.

The kids allowed me to take some photos of them. Sometimes a mom with a camera can be very annoying (especially if you are 12).

Then we explored our surroundings, and everyone tried to find something interesting.

Tru found this stick that he wanted to use as a sling shot.

Autry and I loved this shell.

I thought this pod looked like a cool creature.

Decca explored the roots of this washed-up tree. He loved that there were rocks stuck in the roots.

It was such a beautiful morning at the beach.

  I am so happy that we made time to go.