A Day at the Beach


The kids and I spent today at the beach, and we had a wonderful time.


We have been working hard on school all week, and I woke up this morning feeling a very strong need for a day out. I guess I needed to re-charge my batteries, which we all need to do from time to time.

photo (79)

My mom has a studio in Laguna Beach, so we dropped her off at her studio and went down to the shore (she joined us later). It was foggy and a little cold, but it was relaxing.

Exploring the rocks and caves, listening to the crashing waves, watching the tide come in, posing for pictures…it all made for a fabulous day.

photo (81)

photo (80)

photo (74)


photo (82)

photo (78)

photo (73)


I appreciate days like this, carefree days with the kids and my mom. Days were we make memories, enjoy the nature around us, and re-charge our spirit.

Checking In


Tru trying to do school last week, but he wasn’t feeling too good.

I was so excited to get back to school, and I had all these wonderful (at least in my head) posts that I wanted to write. Interesting, insightful posts about the new curriculum we would be using, and the new direction we were on. Then my daughter became sick. A few days later Tru caught the bug, and a few days after him my youngest fell sick. He ended up in the emergency room Saturday night because he felt like he couldn’t breathe.


Decca loved his oxygen mask and decided to act like a zombie while it was on. He made me take a picture.

Yesterday the boys were still quite sick, and I was feeling quite down about everything. Today they are a little better, and I think we are finally on the road to recovery. I am going to spend today and tomorrow cleaning the house and getting us back on a schedule.

And in a few days I hope to get back to blogging. Until then…

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here in Indiana. I started my day with a 5k race with my brothers. It was very pleasant out, not too hot and not too cold, making for a perfect run.

Before the Turkey Trot…

And our after shot.

After the run the kids and I took it easy at my Dad’s house. I did some cooking, and they had a lazy day. Then all of my family got together, and we had a nice Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Mother!

My children and I are very lucky to have so many wonderful people in our life. We have a great set of people around us, and they all help and support us in various ways. Because I am a single parent, I appreciate all of them tremendously, especially my mom.

My mom is creative, funny, and smart (much like my children), and she loves spending time with all her grandchildren. And we love spending time with her.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Election Day

Election day is a wonderful day to teach our children about the election process and the political system here in America. The kids and I have been reading books and watching videos about the election process for weeks now. .

One of my favorite videos about the electoral process is this one from TED.

This video from CommonCraft is also great.

NPR also has a very informative video on this election and the money spent on it. This one is worth a watch.

Finally, because this election is not just about who will be our next president, here is a short video from Al Jazeera on congressional elections and their impact on our federal government.

Looking for a map for your kids for tonight? I have printed out this map of the United States from the Washington Post. The kids are going to color in the states as the results come in.

You can print the map out here. Enjoy!



Back to School?

I was all ready to have the kids begin school again, as I was getting tired of our summer routine. By the amount of fighting they were doing I thought they were also getting tired of it (even if they wouldn’t admit it).

But then the kids stopped fighting and did some of this:

and some of this:

We went to the used library bookstore, and we founds some treasures to keep us busy.

So I’ve decided we are going to have a few more weeks of this:

and this: