Weekly Update

Decca started a new unit in Moving Beyond the Page. It is a study of early explorers. He is reading Pedro’s Journal and studying navigation. He is enjoying this unit more than his last, which I am happy about. He especially loves his explorer cards, and he has already cut them out and put them in a case. He wants some bubble gum, so they seem like a collectible pack you would buy in a store. He did the same thing with his American Heroes cards that he had last year.

Decca is also working on Time4Learning again. After many years the company has finally updated some of their lessons, and I am so glad they did. Decca is enjoying them, and he spends over an hour a day on the work. I am so happy that we have re-discovered Time4Learning.

Decca working on Time4Learning

Decca also made more books this week. He is working on the Tio Chuy mysteries (named after his uncle, Tio Chuy).

The Tio Chuy Mysteries

Tru is plugging along with all his work.  I am ecstatic that everything is working out, and I think this may be his best year ever. I can’t tell you how amazed I am that he is still plugging along with Writing With Skill. It is amazing that my reluctant writer has become so confident in his writing.

A first draft of a writing assignment from Writing with Skill. Ignore his heading, it was wishful thinking. 😉

Grandpa had the boys were out at the driving range this week. Decca is getting better every time he goes, but I think he should be wearing his shoes. Tru at least has on some flip-flops. You can tell they are my kids. Autry didn’t wear shoes consistently until she was 9. definitely a homeschooler….

Autry has had a few good weeks at school. She has her first vocal concert tonight which she is looking forward to. She lost her voice yesterday morning, but she rested it for a while and got it back thankfully.

Autry on the way to OCHSA with her "friend" Hillman MacMillman (named by Decca).

She is enjoying the creativity and open-mindedness found at the school. The students at OCHSA seem to have few rules, and the environment supports the kids and their creativity. This week in dance they are learning the routine to Thriller for a dance they will do on Halloween.

In science she worked on a plant cell project. Projects like this are not our strong suit, but she had fun making her edible cell.

Other happenings this week…

Autry and I spent some quality time together. We went out all day Saturday, and it was great to spend some time with her.

Tru and I also had some quality time together. We went out to dinner together and then came home and watched a movie. One-on-one time is so important at this age.

Tru couldn't help sharing his feelings about the math on Time4Learning. He felt they made this problem too complicated and that everyone should be able to add up 50+50+50 on their own.

And that is our week in review.