Weekly Update

Our week had a rough start due to the Labor Day weekend, but Wednesday went much better than Tuesday as did the rest of the week. Decca finished his MBTP unit on The People of Sparks and continued with his geography unit. The highlight of the week was working on a map of North America.

homeschool sept 028

He also began working on Life of Fred fractions. He made it through the first three lessons. He loves Life of Fred and he loves Beast Academy, but he needs to rotate or he gets tired of the work. I will have him do a section in Beast Academy for a few weeks, then have him switch to Life of Fred for a set of lessons, and then go back to Beast Academy. It works for him, so it works for me.

Also this week he managed to watch a great deal of BrainPop. He watched all the videos that tied into his geography lessons.

homeschool sept 021

He worked on his cursive, which is very difficult for him. To lighten it up he made cursive characters to help him along.


Other work he did this week – He began reading Inside Out and Back Again and learned all about Vietnam and the Vietnam War.


He was especially interested in Vietnamese cooking, and we watched some how-to cooking shows on YouTube on the subject. Decca also completed week 4 of his Latin, wrote a number of short stories, and worked on piano. Overall it was a good week, especially when you take into account the bad start we had in the beginning.

The twins continued along with their high school work. You can read more about what their first year of high school looks like here. It is hard to detail everything they did this week but here is a few highlights.

They continued working on their Spencerian cursive. They love it!

homeschool sept 025

Notice our very messy table – I’m just trying to keep it real here!

homeschool sept 026

They received their new microscope in the mail and we did several labs for biology relating to it. This was probably their favorite activity they did this week.








homeschool sept 031

Only a homeschooler would have these books on her kindle 🙂

They both began reading another Agatha Christie novel. Agatha Christie is their new favorite author and they are loving every book of hers that they have read.

photo 1 (7)

Autry’s take on Poirot inspired by her love of everything Agatha Christie.

They also began the second half of their Latin this week. They are not doing a major Latin program this year as we had originally planned. Instead they are finishing up with Getting Started with Latin and then they will move on to something else (I don’t know what yet).

A new thing we are doing this year is tea time. Autry wanted to reinstate it, as we use to have tea time everyday until the kids got older. She felt we should bring it back, so we did. Everyone enjoys some afternoon tea and the reading of poems and speeches.

homeschool sept 030

And that is our weekend in review.