Weekly Update


Wow, I can’t believe that we have made it through another week here at TADTown. It feels like we started only a few days ago and here we are at the end of week 3. Our routine is now more firmly established, although the twins are still waiting to start an online french class and writing class. Once those start next week we will be up and running on a full schedule.



Working on his balloon globe with his Grandma.

Decca is working through all his work now. He spends about two hours a day on his Moving Beyond the Page work. This week we continued working through the geography unit and The People of Sparks unit. He is slowly adjusting to the amount of reading required at this age. While he loves to read and will often finish a book in one day, when the reading is a book that he didn’t pick out, it seems to take him a long time. Once his reading is done he enjoys doing the work that is scheduled. This week he did several writing assignments, worked with maps, created a newspaper, and created a setting. The work with Moving Beyond the Page seems to be more than busy work. It encourages the student to interact with the material in a meaningful way, and this is why I like it so much.

Decca's writing

A poem he wrote about the four wars and three plagues in The People of Sparks.

Winter 2

Another work Decca did for an assignment in Moving Beyond the Page – This had to do with setting and was supposed to be a painting or drawing. After he tried for over an hour to get his painting right, he gave up and went to his computer and made this.

In addition to his MBTP work Decca completed another week in Latin, finished a unit in Beast Academy ( he is loving geometry), and began piano lessons with a new teacher that he clicks with. He is now practicing piano every day with no prompting from me.


He also created a new user profile at Scratch called ScratchLatin and he plans to make videos teaching Latin to kids. His first lesson is already completed and he has begun lesson number two.


The twins are keeping up with their workload. They are spending a good deal more time working on their school work since they are doing high school level work and taking many outside classes.


Last year was somewhat of a bust for us because Autry was quite sick for most of the time, so this year we are having to do a few of the same classes again. They are working on biology again this year and Autry is taking Algebra 1 over. She did most of the class last year but she retained so little from it that she wanted to take it again. They are also doing US History again as we did not cover it at a high school level last year. Added to this list is Algebra 2 for Tru, economics for both, guitar lessons for both, French for both, English 1 with additional writing for both, piano lessons and choir for Autry, and fencing and astrophysics for Tru.


Autry practicing piano.

They are also working on Spencerian Penmanship this year. Tru started this last year, but he didn’t get very far. This year I purchased a set of books for Autry and together they are both working through them.


They are working through them very slowly, but it is the kind of program where slow and steady is the appropriate way to go. The script is very hard to learn, especially for Tru, but it is worth it. Tru struggles with handwriting  and needed a new program to work through. Autry wanted a program that taught beautiful handwriting,. With Spencerian both of their needs are met. It is hard for Tru, but he takes pride in learning it. They both do, and I have realized that even in the high school years handwriting is important.


The twins outside the Irvine Museum of Art this week.

Also this week we had park day with our homeschool group on Monday and we went to a museum on Thursday. I am trying to find a balance this year between work at home and activities outside of the house. I want to be able to have time for both, and this week it seemed to work.  I am hoping it works this easily all year.

And that is our week in review.