Weekly Update

The last two weeks my youngest and I have been working through some new curriculum. He was getting tired of the same old thing, so I thought I would introduce a few things I had on hand. I am so glad I did, as he has been so happy with all his new work!


The first new curriculum I pulled out was The Great Chocolate Caper. I thought he would like this as it combines his two greatest loves, chocolate and mysteries. I will say though that I was surprised at just how much he loved it. The Great Chocolate Caper is written to be used in a classroom, so I had to modify it some. In the first lesson the class is supposed to make different chocolate bar recipes and decide which one is the best. As it was just him using the material I let him make four different candy bars with different ingredients. He put a good deal of thought into his chocolate bars. He named each one, and then we had everyone try them and vote on which was the best.


Once we had a winner he made a candy bar wrapper on the computer. This was also great fun for him as he got to experiment with fonts and images, one of his favorite things to do.


The next day we started the mystery portion of the curriculum as someone has stolen the recipe. The Great Chocolate Caper essentially is a logic program, and all of the lessons focused on using logic to solve the crime. The boy loved this, and we finished the caper in a week. He would have done it all in one day if I would have allowed it. Needless to say this was a hit, and I am now trying to find something else like it.

Geography Literature Pack

The other program we started, as I mentioned two weeks ago, is Beautiful Feet’s Geography through Literature.  Again I am pleasantly surprised at how much he is enjoying this. He loves the books, the map work, and the research projects. He was very interested in the author and his wife (who worked with him on some of the books). He read their biographies and was very surprised that Lucille Hollings was born in the same town as I was. I didn’t even know that!

photo3He will start the second book in the series next week, and I hope his enthusiasm stays steady throughout.

Other going-ons this past few weeks –


He made a new Scratch game called Drop. He was fairly satisfied with his latest game.


He dressed up as a Chicago gangster for Halloween. He almost didn’t go trick-or-treating, but at the last-minute he decided he wanted to. I am glad he did.


He has also written several new books, composed music for his games, worked on his piano songs, and made a new cartoon series about a woman and her crystal ball. It is called Cindy and Chris, and together they solve mysteries. I would love to share it with everyone, but he doesn’t want it shared at this time.

And that is our last two weeks in review. 🙂