Writing Fun

The kids and I are still enjoying this wonderful site full of writing prompt ideas.  Here is the latest prompt that we all worked on.


The kids and I sit around the table together, and I show them the prompt. Then we write (yes I write with them) for fifteen minutes or so, and then we share what we have written. There are no rules, and we never criticize or correct. It is purely a fun exercise that is supposed to get the creative juices flowing.  Here is what the kids wrote for this latest prompt:


It was early in the morning, and I was already ridding along on my dinosaur looking for people who needed an ambulance. As I was passing though the forest I noticed a 10-year-old boy lying beside the road looking injured. “Hello boy” said I “what’s the matter?”

“Nothing is wrong” said the boy, “I’m in perfectly good health.”

“But, your holding out your wand arm!” said I. To which the boy replied: “what does that even mean!”

“To call the dinosaur ambulance you have to hold out your wand arm!” said I. “Oh…” said the boy, “well I’m fine so go away!” and so I rode off.

Later that day I had just stopped to rest when I noticed the same boy standing a few feet away with the police. “That’s the guy!” he shouted. “The crazy one!” The police walked over. “Sir” said the tall one “you know that it’s illegal to ride dinosaurs right?”

“Buddy buddy please!” said I “I have been doing this job for 500 years and I have never been arrested!”

“Sorry pal” said the short one “but the laws the law.”

“Since when” said I.

“Since yesterday” replied the tall one. And so I was arrested and sentenced to five long years in Oklahoma. I knew I had to escape from the horrors of Oklahoma, so I summoned St. George using the ancient vegetarian restaurant incantation and escaped to California. THE END


Day 2: #DinosaurAmbulence
 I wish people would take my job more seriously! Honestly, how many strangers have I thundered past_ strangers, mind you, who look as though they haven’t a life’s commitment of their own_ who stand still as statues and look after me, then recover their shock to call after me:
 “Get a life, you no-good dinosaur-riding…!”
 My dinosaur, whom I have affectionately named Lola, usually smirks after these onlookers and makes a sign at them with her tail that is understood to be very rude amongst dinosaurs. I try not to pay attention to them; my job is far more important.
Today, we only received two distress signals from across the ages. Lola can sense when anyone from any time and anywhere needs our help, and then she takes me there. I make things right; Lola eats things that are wrong. First, we came to the aid of a very rich Georgian Lady who was bombarded by a host of dead cats which were thrown at her by peasants (Lola ate the cats). Then, we  saved a knight from your typical castle-siege in which boiling oil and the heads of your enemies are thrown at you (Lola ate these two, and tried to drink the oil). All a normal day on the job.
-The dino-riding, time-traveling paramedic.


I ran with a stupid man on my back. He saves people. I eat them.

“Go faster T!” the man yelled.

T? Puff… what a stupid name! It’s Tyrannosaurus-Rex, T-Rex, puff. Stupid name. But humans don’t understand me. I started hearing wonderful music and ran towards it.

“What the heck are you doing T?” asked the man. “Bad T-Rex.”

A pet? Is that what he thinks I am? I felt the need to roll-over and squish him, but that would be a waste of my lunch. As I stopped in front of the house, the man slid off me and entered the house. Hours later he returned. I opened my mouth. He screamed. The man was delicious.